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How can I type accents?

Click here to download n A4 sheet which displays accents - designed to be stuck up next to computers.

Linguascope sells very reasonably priced mousemats displaying accents.

If you have Microsoft Office 2003, you can access a toolbar for inserting accents.

Comic Life for Windows 

(Helen Myers 24.10.07)

Link to download:

Once file has been created in Comic Life, it can be 'exported' so that even people who do not have the Comic Life program installed can view it..

(1) File/export/email [the program converts the pages into jpegs and automatically adds them as attachments to an email)

(2) File/export/export to html [the program converts the pages to html .. creates a 'launcher' file and the pages themselves. Pages 

(3) File/export/export to image(s)[the program converts the pages to jpegs AND bitmaps] Page 1 jpg Page 2 jpg Page 1 bitmap Page 2 bitpmap

(3) File/export/export to movie [the program converts the pages to an avi movie which can be played through,  for example, windows movie player].



Where can I buy Foreign DVDs?
I have recently discovered an Internet site which has loads of Art House and World cinema DVDs. (when you need English subtitles to films) :

I find this is a good supplement to the Amazon site of Art House & International.

How can I create interactive forms / writing frames?
Click here to download an explanation about how to get pupils focused on their writing through the use of forms (drop-down, free text, check box)

French Resources

Where can I download resources from this site?
Click here for the index page to resources kept on this site.
Games Resources  - boards, cards, dice etc
A company called Synergy Learning ( 01243 779967 ) sells blank playing cards @ 13-00 per 1,000.  Does anyone have experience of using cards with MFL activities ?
Dear Richard
I can definitely recommend the noiseless dice from his company!.. and also their mini whiteboards ... we ordered over 1,000 of the boards so that every classroom in the school could have a set ... very quick 'assessment for learning'!  In cse anyoner doesn;t know the company, they usually have a stand at BETT.
for the white boards (which are more durable than the laminated ones):

Thanks for your idea about the cards.

Videos/ Movies / audio download
Where can I get free video/audio clips from the Internet?
Many web sites have videos/audio which you can download from their sites.  Increasingly, many news / entertainment sites let you 'subscribe' to them so that your computer will automatically download new videos/audio which they make available.

A popular, time-saving, efficient way to keep up-to-date with where these are, is via iTunes - a free 'database' which you can download free and which gives you the interface for finding these sites.

e.g. the path to videos for language education:

iTunes store / Podcasts / Education

Featured ones are in the middle, on the right, the 'top podcasts' for education are ranked in order of popularity currently language podcasts seem to have really taken off - well done to Mark Pentleton  for being at the top for ages with his new 'Coffee Break Spanish'!), and you click 'see all' to see all pages (currently 5pages, and 52 of them are for learning languages!)

For 'authentic' video/audio, change your store from 'UK' to the country of your choice, and follow links to Podcasts.

If you want to 'subscribe' you just click 'subscribe'.  BUT, if you don't have an iPOD or you don't know if you want it yet, click on the picture itself, which takes you to a description and a link to the WEBSITE where there are instructions on downloads.

There are many sites which give links to resources e.g. and

Here's a link to a page where we have listed ones we've looked at! 'Video/audio downloads for free!'