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French Resources

Here are links to resources which can be downloaded from this site.

Coursebooks: Expo3Vert


TaskMagic Games Module 1

TaskMagic Games Module 2

Worksheets Module 2

TaskMagic Games Module 5


Culture & Background

La France sous l'occupation

Cannes Film festival
Government: May 2007
La coupe du monde de rugby, 2007
Le Tour de France
Grammar Perfect tense resources
Exam practice Trial page for speaking test practice


Quiz on 2005




Pigloo 'Moi j'aime skier'


Daily Routine

Leisure & Interests






Portraits of government appointed May 2007.  Reference sheets and source for reading comprehensions etc.

May 2007 French Government

pdf document from French Govt site

La France sous l'occupation

French: A level topic - Occupation overview of resources


Summary of historical context (very broad brush and personal - but it may help others!)

WW2 Background

Cannes Film Festival

Lesson sequence

Background in English


2007 - the 22 films

Reading comp on 22 films

Le Tour de France

Link to a fantastic website from which some info was drawn

Scheme of work

Lesson sequence on

Background in English

PowerPoint quiz on background sheet

Part 1: no answers.  Part 2: with answers.

Raw information to convert to task!

Les aspects sportifs

Ken Livingstone introduction 2007

Parcours map (image)

Parcours map (flash)

TaskMagic cycling vocab 1

TaskMagic cycling vocab 2

La coupe du monde de rugby, 2007

Thanks to contributors to the TES forum & mflresources for these links and resources.

Downloadable resources

Link to 5 resources provided by annaeuan in TES resources bank (id7665) - display, schedule, map of participating countries, teams/missing vowels, countires/maze

Link to annaeuan's wordsearch (id7666) Thanks annaeuan!

Link to 2 more resources from annaeuan - match vocab and question/answer (id7693)

Link to pdf download of calendar + info on stadia + capacity (from Rugbykids)

Download word doc with full rules and vocab (can't remember from which site I pasted this)

Link to download glossary French / Spanish  /English

Download rugby song & link to site to buy the song (thanks Carolyn)

Link to Reims site for 13 downloadable pdfs designed for French teachers in France.  The whole dossier can be downloaded quickly in a zip file from the original créteil site  (These really are fantastic resources - in colour - about 10 pages per dossier). (Thanks Blondio, TES forum!)

Download a straightforward 'reading comprehension' and answers based on an Internaute site, featuring the 15 best looking rugbymen (non PC I'm afraid!!)

Download a PowerPoint sequence of slides covering info, countries, players, stadia and vocab.  Acknowledgements to all the people on this list, and let me know if you want me to remove anything.

Teaching websites

Link to campaign for 'Oui, Je parle rugby' containing many logos, posters,videos etc which can be downloaded e.g. 'Faites comme eux,  apprenez le français' in 'Be like them, learn French!' Brilliant downloadable pdf pamphlet French survival kit.

Link to download 'Le français dans la melée'- a CD ROM/  downloadable interactive resource provided by the French govt to promote the event.

Link to British Council project and exhibition

Link to Scoilnet (Irish education portal)webpage which has loads of links to useful sites for exploiting the rugby world cup.

Link to the 200 words a day site.

Link to BBC activities on rugby.  They are really really good and include audio.  Download Helen's Teacher Guide to this so that you know what the pupils are learning and can prepare / follow up the activites.

'Authentic' Websites for info 

Link to French official website for the world cup (NB you need to check that 'FRA' is checked at the top of each page as you navigate - it tends to default to English!)

Link to TV5 home page for rugby, which has extremely good content including

  video clips of players who speak / have learnt French. '12 portraits d’1mn30, le témoignage des grands joueurs de rugby étrangers évoluant dans le championnat de France sur leur rapport à la langue et à la culture françaises' (thanks to Sheila for link)
portraits (real and pen) of all the players
video clips to demonstrate the rules of rugby 'petit coursd e rugby'
Link to TF1 website which has video summaries of matches. [worked at start of September - tried on 18/9 and seems to be blocked for my region]

Link to 'Rugbykids' - site aimed at young people about rugby.  Lovely simple  account of the positions and rules.  (If only they were really simple!!)

Link to Peugeot site - e.g. 16 really fantastic videos which explain the rules in a clear and humorous fashion (thanks to  Nia, CILT CYMRU for this link)

Link to quiz about rugby on

Link to French search engine on all things rugby! (supplied by Graham Davies)

Link to rugby anthems (thanks to Nathalie lcfclubs for this and for her warning that some are unsuitable - quelle surprise!!

Link to Le journal des femmes overview, slide show of the 15 favourite rugby players

Internaute magazine rugby home page, crossword game

Internaute grid of all 30 players with key info

Link to Radio France resources an dlinks. (Thanks Marie France!)


A quiz about 2005 + reading comprehension tasks



Halloween internaute

Sudoku history + rules

sudoku factory story



Picture and words Flashcards to describe key vocab and structures of units 1-5(film & TV categories, avoir, etre, -er verbs, past tense, descriptions, healthy living):


TaskMagic Games for Expo3Vert.  Unzip the files and make sure pictures and sound folders are in the same location as the TaskMagic file in order to ake it work.

To use these you must have TaskMagic: for 30 day trial version.

Module 1 - Interests, personal identification, perfect tense, TV, cinema

Module 2 - future, careers, why languages

Module 5 - visits, travel, hotels and perfect tense, Normandy

Worksheets for Expo 3 Vert

Module 2/4 Pourquoi apprendre les langues?


Perfect tense

Resources for teaching the perfect tense .. the old fashioned way!

Reference sheet



Pigloo 'Moi j'aime skier' words and translation

Gapped exercise

Moi j'aime skier

Cloze exercise


Daily routine

Flashcards (loads of them!) - a pupil reference sheet.  Pictures taken from 'Writing With Symbols' - a brilliant piece of software from widgit.

A starter and a battleships grid.

Daily routine flashcards

Daily routine Pupil reference sheet

Daily routine starter

Daily routine Battleships- whole class

Daily routine Battleships - pairs + text

Daiy routine Battleships - no text

Leisure & interests

Skateboarding vocabulary