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Click here for the latest reference sheet relating to Teaching and Learning in Second Life issued at The Language Show October 2011

It was great to meet the LanguageLab / English City team there in person for the forst time, and to see Graham Stanley again!

Click here for link to Language Show Second Life talk Sunday October 23rd 2011

Virtual Round Table 2010

'Add a dimension to your Language learning and Teaching'

Helen Myers & Antonella Berriolo

See a recording of the session from a link on this page

Go to the session here

Download the reference list here

Download the talk here

Download the Powerpoint here

Download the title video here

Download the game video here (gimkana)

Download the Devil Island video here

Download the role play group video here

Download the ImperiuM video here

Screenshot of Adobe Connect meeting - thanks to Joe Dale!  Featuring Helen, Antonella and a walk-on part from  Hugo Mahana.


We have a home in Second Life where we can meet, chat and share 'virtually'.

Click here to be transported to our island!

Click here to read an overview of what it's all about and download a Beginners' tutorial.


It takes a little while to download the software and learn the basics, and it may not be everybody's 'cup of tea', but for some, it is worth it!  Here are a few advantages:

You can talk safely and without cost in 'real time', in any chosen language, to people with whom you share common interests - individually or as part of a large group
You can watch a 'presentation' together and interrupt when you like!  (or go and put on the kettle and no-one will know ....)
You can be active and create objects, design your avatar, fly, express emotions, explore other lands .. or you can choose to be passive and no-one will be upset!
You can have fun!

Activities this group might consider doing include:

Improving our linguistic skills by buddying up with someone who can help us refresh our French / German / Spanish / Italian etc. and just socialising (-with people we already know or new people we meet there ..)
Improving our computer skills by learning how to create objects in Second Life
Improving our range of strategies by listening to people present their ideas and  having the chance to interact with them or with others listening
Exploring the opportunities of teaching over-18s in Second Life
Considering whether the same techniques could be used for under-18s in the TeenGrid

Here is a photo album capturing the early settlers at some key moments (during a snowy February in Real World!)

Left to right: Karelia Kondor (Helen), Gizmo Latte (Peta) and Carolrb Roux.  Carol made us a poster! Fountain later rejected! Decision making.  Carol very generous in supplying plants and furnishings!
Entrance as at 03/02/09! Thanks to Groovy Winkler for the ALL box! Aerial view with techie stuff on show!  (Powerpoint presentation ready to go!) View from neighbours' place .. note posh water feature ...
Vista from edge of the plot Karelia + Milou (she purrs!) Sneak into Carol's wonderful maze next door!

Settlers in Real Life ...

Carol, Gavin & Helen


Carolrb Roux, DudeneyGe and Karelia Kondor

Carol, Gavin & Peta


Carolrb Roux, DudeneyGe and Gizmo Latte