TiLT Thursday with Sandra Aktas

The Paperless classroom. How can digital learning improve Teaching and Learning?

In this TiLT Thursday Webinar, Joe Dale hosts Sandra Aktas.

Sandra works at Wellington College a Microsoft Showcase School and a leader in Digital Learning. Since joining the school in September 2019 Sandra immediately decided to create a paperless classroom, teaching exclusively from OneNote.  During this session Sandra demonstrates her use of Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebooks.

She will concentrate in particular on how she uses Microsoft Office 365 OneNote Class Notebook to create engaging and differentiated resources, manage them efficiently and engage with her students in a now exclusively online environment to teach, monitor and assess them.

Even if you operate in a different environment (non-Microsoft) we are sure that there will be ideas managing online learning which you will be able to apply to your own context.

Recording here on Joe Dale’s YouTube channel.

Chat transcript here: Chat Sandra Aktas

Notes taken during the webinar (Helen Myers):Sandra Aktas Webinar content public

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TiLT - Sandra Aktas



Sandra Aktas became the Head of French at Wellington College in September 2019, having previously worked five years in the state sector as a Head of Languages and as a French teacher. Before becoming a qualified teacher, Sandra worked as a private tutor while studying part-time. She has a passion for Sciences and the French language, she holds a BSc in Biology and a BA in Linguistics. Sandra believes that Education is a key to success, and she would like to see every student in the UK achieving their full potential.