TiLT Thursdays

TiLT Thursdays – every week 20:00 – 21:00 GMT – ALL London Webinar room

Follow this link to free registration .

For understandable reasons, the real-world TiLT conference  cannot take place this year, but for the friendly and supportive TiLT community (aka #mfltwitterati, ILILC, but fundamentally, people positive about Technology in Language Teaching!),  we are offering a ‘virtual‘ alternative.

Initially we will focus on how to offer effective distance learning, which is obviously a hot topic, and then we will be able to pick up on some of the sessions which were going to be offered at the conference.

We will always meet on a Thursday, but will add extra sessions according to demand / offers!  We are delighted that Joe Dale will be the  host.

Here is a list of planned  sessions, with a link to an information page.  Most recent on top.

How can you join in?

Firstly, please register for the Thursday these free webinars on our Eventbrite page.  This will make it easier for us to send you messages about the webinars.  If you wish to stop receiving message, you will be able to cancel your registration. Of-course, you do not have to attend every webinar.

To join on the night,  follow the instructions on our webinar page where you will find the address and rules of etiquette.  (Basically, we are professional, respectful of others,  and positive).  Use your full professional name rather than pseudos.

What happens online?
Once in the room (which is like being in a big Skype conversation), you can choose how involved you wish to be.  You can text chat or request to use audio and video.

The sessions are coordinated by Joe Dale who has a created a fantastic international network of tech-loving teachers via #mfltwitterati.  Usually, someone will have been asked to do a  presentation about an aspect of technology in language teaching,  during and after which participants can ask questions or supplement with their own advice.

Usually the sessions will be recorded and available to watch later.

Links to the recordings will be kept on the webinar page, the most recent on top.