TiLT Webinar with Glenn Cake: That’s Edutainment

Integrating interactive exercises into remote teaching to learn and have fun!

60+ people came along on a  Saturday night for edutainment with Glenn Cake, who got us all playing along online with games which are freely-available on the web.

Recording link available on Joe Dales’ YouTube channel here.

Chat transcript here: A Webinar with Glann Cake- chat

Glenn Cake’s website

Our class photo!

Glenn is a distance educator from the most easterly point in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He has the unique challenge of teaching high school French to students in small communities located throughout the region. Fluent in both English and French, Glenn is proud to be involved with CASLT (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers) and to have received the CPF (Canadian Parents for French) teacher of the year award.

Glenn is a keen supporter of gamification platforms and he finds that they provide engaging and interactive opportunities to his students in the virtual classroom. In this session, participants will be presented with a host of “edutainment” techniques which will enhance student participation and engagement. Participants will learn how to oversee these games in a live environment or how to set such activities as tasks to be completed for homework. These formative assessment tools may be assigned to help teachers assess students’ knowledge and comprehension- and prepare students for deeper in-class (remote or face-to-face) interactions.

Glenn has provided engaging and interactive professional training to second language teachers, particularly in the areas of internet resources and software that teachers and students can use to enhance their second language and technology skills.