TiLT webinar with Heike Philp


Recording stored here on Joe Dale’s YouTube Channel

Chat script (demonstrating the way Heike engaged her audience fully!) : Heike Philp Webinar chat

Remote learning with video

Heike will talk about practical considerations when setting up remote learning using video, then draws on her own wide experience of online teaching to give some pedagogical tips.

We will be conducting the meeting using Zoom, and she will show us how to organise ‘break-out’ groups.

This session will have applications to those whose schools allow video conferencing with students, but will also help us to keep in touch with colleagues during a time when we cannot meet face-to-face.


Heike Philp is a great friend of ALL London, having taken us by the hand as we started to offer webinars nine years ago and always being there to offer her considerable expertise.  We are very grateful to her, and delighted that she will be able to present for us!

Heike Philp is CEO of let’s talk online SPRL in Brussels, Belgium. She is an immersive education specialist for language teaching and learning in real-time in virtual environments. She is co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT (virtual classroom), AVALON (virtual world) CAMELOT (machinima for language teachers) and GUINEVERE project (games in virtual worlds) and is the founder of the Virtual Round Table Conference and owner of EduNation in Second Life.