TilT Webinar with Jane Basnett

‘How to sharpen your Microsoft tools and related apps for teaching and learning!’

7th April 2020

This webinar is part of out TiLT webinar series.  Click here for more information.


  • Click here for the recording on Joe Dale’s YouTube page.
  • The webinar generated a lot of chat.  Here it is: (8 pages’ worth!) Jane Basnett Webinar Chat public
  • Notes + screen shots from Helen Myers which may help  as an aide-mémoire to those who have watched the video and want to draw attention to some aspects. [Revised 10th April].  Webinar with Jane Basnett notes V4


Jane has built up an enormous amount of knowledge about how to use Microsoft for the classroom and shares widely on Twitter. She was due to give a session at the ‘real world’ TiLT conference this year, and we are delighted that she is willing to deliver it online with us!

In this session she will supplement Sandra Aktas’ 2nd April session on the Microsoft classroom by sharing some of her own examples of using teams for assignments and grades, as well as using Class Notebook and apps including for example ‘Flipgrid’, ‘Whiteboard’ and the ‘Dictate’ tool.


Jane is Head of Department at Downe House School.

She has an MA in Dig Tech. and she is an MIE Expert 2019-20 and  Microsoft Certified Educator