TiLT Webinar with Jane Basnett (2)

‘How to sharpen your Microsoft tools and related apps for teaching and learning!’ – Part 2

Monday 13th April 2020 8 pm – 9 pm

  • Recording on Joe Dale’s YouTube channel here.
  • Chat download in word doc here: Jane Basnett webinar 2 Public Chat
  • Supplemetary video on using whiteboard in Flipgrid on Jane Basnett’s YouTube channel here.
  • When you have seen the video, please head over to Microsoft in Education training and enter achievement code T-JBBBB9B20 in order to reward Jane, and gain 750 points for your own profile.

Class photo: (There are others!)

We had a  packed session  for Jane’s  first webinar on Tuesday April 7th 2020

She  complemented Sandra Aktas’ superb session  by giving further examples of using and setting up  Teams, Assignments and Grades to help  collaboration with colleagues and  monitoring of pupils.

In this ‘TiLT extra’ session,  Jane demonstrates some of the elements within the Microsoft Office 365 suite in more detail .  These elements  include

  • Creating and Saving resources to Stream (e.g. PowerPoint + audio)
  • Creating forms and quizzes  (participants will see one created, receive a link, and complete it so as to see the pupil’s perspective
  • Flipgrid

Jane is Head of Department at Downe House School.  She has an MA in Dig Tech. and she is an MIE Expert 2019-20 and  Microsoft Certified Educator.